At "Altitude Hold" we are developing technologies for #URBAN AIR MOBILITY, #DEFENSE, #SAFETY and #SECURITY sectors. We aim for revolutionary risk-rewarded solutions which are brought through innovation and progress in minimal time, at minimal cost for the maximum impact.



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Propulsion Technologies

Altitude-Hold is the only company to have developed full-scale Cycloidal Propulsion Rotor, which is so quiet, efficient and compact that a car-sized, 1-hour endurance electric VTOL flight becomes possible with highly reduced manufacturing and operational costs. Such transport can land on streets, on roof-tops and water thus enabling unconstrained rescue operation with no dependence on the underlying infrastructure. Technology-wise the entire platform has no rival and shortcuts into the future of aerial mobility by at least a decade

Safety Technologies

Safety is paramount in aviation. For true VTOL missions, which might engage altitudes of 50m, Altitude Hold has researched beyond-state-of-the-art skid-landing-gear which leverages controlled disintegration of composite materials. The maximum impact kinetic energy absorption exceeds that of conventional skid-landing-gear by a factor of 10x. Employed on a VTOL aircraft, such novel skid-landing-gear would enable parachuteless operation in certain survival zone envelope


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Lighter-than-Air Technologies

Altitude Hold brings 10-year experience into developing compact and modular LTA airships for self-sustained stationary operation in the stratosphere. Our technology enables 8-fold better lift-to-weight ratio resulting in a quadruple reduction of platform size and cost as well as virtually eliminated operational expenses. Combined with our Cycloidal Propulsion Rotors, stationary position hold becomes possible in much more practical layouts. Also, usage of Hydrogen gas for inducing lift become feasible as, in case of fatal failure, propulsion system can bear the plafrom weight or, in the worst case, can glide safely to the landing site


Our solutions are being developed, assessed, tested and adopted with more than 40 European partners

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Altitude-Hold is an international aerospace startup legally incorporated in 2018. Its headquarters are in Vilnius, Lithuania (Adscensus, MB). The US branch is registered in New Mexico State (Altitude-Hold LLC). Company has a legal aerospace OEM status with SITA. It also maintains global insurance permitting safe aircraft development. Origins of the company date back to 2013 when Altitude-Hold has pioneered the development of stationary stratospheric satellites. As of 2018 Altitude-Hold has entered into the partnership with Boeing subsidiary and launched the CyPR (Cycloidal Propulsion Rotor) development campaign. Since 2020, the company has started securing its position in European Defense, Disaster-Response and Security projects.

Your can reach us at info@altitude-hold.aero

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